The Community-O-Meter

The International House of Kryogenix presents: **the Jono Bacon Community-O-Meter!** [![Jono says: community!][]][] Track how many times [Jono Bacon][] has used the word community, every day since 2003! Updated daily! Add to your own website: simply cut and paste Jono says: community! into any HTML page! Amaze your friends; baffle your enemies; start every party with a bang! Communitise a community using community tools to promote community tools! * * * * * No correspondence will be entered into. Errors and omissions excepted. Jono’s likeness is used by permission of, well, no-one. Come to LugRadio Live this weekend and be *part* of the community! Jono, please don’t kill me. [Jono says: community!]: [![Jono says: community!][]]: [Jono Bacon]: