Apps for Ubuntu for phones, some images

Chatting to a friend of mine about Ubuntu for phones being released today, and (because he’s really good at graphics and art, and I’m hopelessly hopeless) I’m persuading him to do some visual design for a couple of Ubuntu phone apps I’m working on. It occurred to me that I’d like to say: here are a bunch of the current apps, and pick out screenshots of the ones that I think are the prettiest, to inspire him. After a little bit of poking around I couldn’t find any such post to link to, but I did find a popey who has taken a zillion screenshots of Ubuntu phone and apps which I could winnow through. So I grabbed some, and now I have somewhere to direct people to.

[device-2013-09-15-200743][] [device-2013-10-05-123159][] [device-2013-10-08-125544][] [device-2013-10-14-091459][] [device-2013-10-17-214010][] [device-2013-10-17-214336][] [device-2013-10-17-221742][] [device-2013-10-17-220453][] [device-2013-10-17-220825][] [device-2013-10-17-221521][]

[device-2013-09-15-200743]: [device-2013-10-05-123159]: [device-2013-10-08-125544]: [device-2013-10-14-091459]: [device-2013-10-17-214010]: [device-2013-10-17-214336]: [device-2013-10-17-221742]: [device-2013-10-17-220453]: [device-2013-10-17-220825]: [device-2013-10-17-221521]: