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The best way of contacting Stuart Langridge is by email to . You can also find me on LinkedIn and Twitter, or call on +44 (0)788 1632524 or Skype as kryogenix.

I do web consultancy, custom development, and apps. I'm based in Birmingham in the West Midlands in the UK, but can travel to consult with you or to present.

You can grab one of the selection of pictures of me to use to illustrate a conference schedule, magazine article, or brochure.

If you need a CV, you can grab mine as HTML or PDF.

If you need a bio to describe me for conference pages or similar, it might look like this:

Stuart is a consultant CTO, software architect, and developer to startups and small firms on strategy, custom development, and how to best work with the dev team. Code and writings are to be found at and @sil on Twitter; Stuart himself is mostly to be found playing D&D or looking for the best vodka Collins in town.

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