Staring down the barrel

It’s my birthday. Ha haa!
Those of you who have enjoyed the guessing games from previous years (2003 2004) may have a bit more difficulty this year; I can’t find anything interesting to say about my age this year. It’s not a cube, it’s not perfect, it’s not a third power. Even the Wikipaedia struggles before coming up with such lame attempts as it being the atomic number of copper and the number of bones in the skull, although it is prime (and apparently a primorial and Sophie Germain and half a twin prime as well). In fact, I would almost go so far as to say that it is the first number without any interesting properties, except that (and those of you who know some maths will already know this bit) that being the lowest dull number is in itself an interesting property, and therefore it is an interesting number after all! Interesting solely in its dullness. I know a couple of people like that.
Anyway, this new release of Stuart Langridge Esq does leave me staring down the barrel of middle age; the next milestone on my personal road to death has the number “30” carved on it. Ouch. I’ll be thirty! And have a sports car, which means that people will accuse me of having a midlife crisis. Not the Faith No More song, either. Nevertheless, it is my birthday. Had a very entertaining meal last night with Jono and Sooz, cut short when Niamh was sick (which was not nice). I hope she feels better today; everyone has been ill recently. Mr Bacon himself has been struck the worst, actually getting bronchitis, but Sam’s been off work for a week, I was off for two days, Sooz is starting to get it now as well; what hideous disease is it that is ripping through my family and friends? Maybe someone at work gave it to me. Anyone want to offer me a different job? Drop me a mail :)
It is nice to have a birthday, though. I’m going shopping for clothes, because I don’t have enough. More news on that as it happens.

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