Deskbar applet plugin

Lots of people use delicious for bookmarking, including me. So I’ve written a plugin for the Gnome deskbar applet that searches your bookmarks. Download Delicious Deskbar below and drop the file in the .gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers/ folder in your home directory. By default it will search all of for the tag you enter, but you can configure it to search just your bookmarks through the Preferences window. Deskbar’s a nice thing to work with, in case I haven’t mentioned this. I think it could do with some more visual flashiness, myself, and I also wish that stuff like this went in Library/Deskbar Applet/Handlers rather than the hidden .gnome2 folder — that’s one thing that the Mac people definitely got right! Update: fixed a bug when using multiple search terms in deskbar. Update: licenced under the GNU GPL 2.0. Download the latest version.

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