Sending posts from Twitter to part 2

A while back I wrote a reflector which sent posts from Twitter to if you want to post to both. However, that required running your own code, which is hardly in the spirit of Web 2.0 and cloud computing and all that. So, now, here’s how to send your posts from Twitter to without running any software yourself.

  1. Sign into Twitterfeed with your OpenID (Ubuntu users, if you don’t have an OpenID you can use your Launchpad ID:\~fred-bloggs )
  2. Say “Create new Twitter feed”
  3. Change it to be a feed
  4. Set the feed URL to be
  5. …and you are done

The stuff is there because if you just use twitterfeed to send your Twitter user RSS feed direct to then all your posts have “sil: ” at the beginning (or whatever your username is). The Yahoo pipe strips that off. If you want to post to and have your posts show up on Twitter* then does it for you; just set it up in the Settings section of

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