Mini hippo returns

I once saw a birthday card with a picture of a small hippopotamus on it executing a 180° rotation, and underneath it said: mini hippo returns. Made me laugh.

mini hippo returns

Anyway, it’s time for the annual it’s-my-birthday post (now in its seventh great year!), given that I am now as old as Christ. Well, I am according to the book Hannibal, anyway; the age of Jesus is somewhat murky and disputed, and clearly he didn’t exist anyway which makes speculation somewhat pointless. I am now one third of the way to my telegram from the Queen (which I am gratified to discover still happens when you hit one century of age), and according to the Death Clock I’m more than halfway to being dead (which rather puts the kibosh on the whole telegram thing). In the last year:

  • I’ve left a job in a law firm and started a job in a radio company
  • I’ve split up from my wife (although we remain good friends; am going drinking with her this evening, in fact)
  • I’ve been to America (twice) and Ireland and Holland
  • I’ve lived in Jono’s spare room and then come back to my house (which I still can’t sell)

In the last month:

  • I’ve left the job at the radio company and started a job at Canonical
  • I’ve eaten caviar for the first time
  • I’ve rekindled friendship with someone I haven’t seen for years
  • I’ve booked tickets to go to Hacking At Random in August

In the last day:

  • I’ve eaten way too much bangers and mash
  • I’ve started thinking about server-side JavaScript web frameworks in a decent way
  • I’ve looked at CouchDB and thought about how to use it
  • I’ve written to my MEP

In the last hour:

  • I’ve smoked five cigarettes
  • I’ve become 33 years old

Here’s to another twelve months. Cheers.

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