Brave New Age

Aaaaaaaaaaand….I’m another year older.

If you’ll excuse me bitching a touch, this year didn’t look great on the approach to my birthday, yesterday. The Revenoo decided that I’d paid seven hundred quid (seven hundred! ouch!) in 2007, all the bogs in my house stopped working, and I got given a cold by a friend of mine who is no longer a friend of mine because I’ve got a cold now.

And then, in quick succession, the following things happened:

  1. A Zippo 1935 replica arrived in the post
  2. Mum and Dad and I went out for dinner
  3. We picked up Niamh
  4. I received a bunch of excellent presents
  5. Niamh gave me a big hug for my birthday
  6. We went out for dinner again (at the Fountain Inn in Clent which is strongly recommended)
  7. My age tipped over to halfway to what the Bible says that the days of my years are. So this is now the easy downhill half, right?

So, hooray. Let another year begin. I’ll be over here listening to things on my cool new headphones.

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