A year goes past

Blimey, I’ve been doing these birthday posts for ten years.

Today I am a year older. This particular day will be a subdued day; last weekend I spent with Niamh and Birmingham geeks (not at the same time), the previous one with my parents, so there’s not actually a lot left to do on this actual birthday day. So I’m working, heh.

When I first met Sam, I related the old joke about being able to say “eighteen happy years… and then I met her”. Which was totally invalid since we only were eighteen. Today I could tell that joke legitimately. Well, except that we’re not married any more, probably because of inappropriate jokes. Might give her a ring later.

It’s an interesting age, this. I’m now over halfway to the days of my years (three-score and ten), and I am supremely unworried by this. At previous points in my life I’ve felt like I knew everything now, and it turned out there was always more to learn. Now, of course, I finally have learned everything. It’s a good feeling.

(No, of course I haven’t.)

Anyway, many happy returns to me. I have to get back to work now. I’m wearing the rosette that Niamh bought me, though.

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