Dungeons & Dragons things, by Stuart Langridge

A grab-bag of homebrew things I've written for D&D (fifth edition) to support quests and campaigns that I've DMed; tiny settings, magical items, and the like.

The Lantern of Leng
A lantern which makes people frightened. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
The Octagem
A tiny but weird setting, where boats float on seas of liquid gems and the universe is an octahedron. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Sheath of Shadow Daggers
The ideal thing to strap to the belt of your assassin. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Warlock Patron: the Eternity
Got a warlock who wants power over time itself? This is who to talk to. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
The Diary of Erezel-Kan-Riboar
Rules for creating sentient weaponry. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Vox Murine
An earring which allows communion with rats, and maybe multiple familiars. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
A unique scimitar with an unusual power. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Dust of Darkened Fire
Light fires in the wilds without fear of discovery. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Coin of Finding
A tool for characters to track their enemies... or unscrupulous enemies to track them! [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Corpse Pipe
A pipe that teleports things six feet; a grave relic from another time. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Spells of the Grammarian (PDF)
The Ring of the Grammarian is a ring that allows the wearer to change one letter of a spell name, giving the spell a different effect. Some spell uses for it. [Markdown] [PDF]
Perdition’s Ransom
A weapon against the undead, but one which comes with a cost. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Mirror wine
A high-end drink, but with some potentially weird effects. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
The Way of Blowing Breath
A monastic tradition based around mobility, tranquility, and egolessness, with some similarities to the komusō tradition of our world. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Chance Domain
A cleric domain based around chance and chaos and luck both good and bad. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
A teachable class feature to allow casting of spells through tattoos, and the gifting of that ability to others. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Hardskin potion
A potion for farmers and other commoner workers to protect against injuries. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Stone of healing
Thwack your injured party mates on the head with a rock, and they get better. Maybe. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Ring of keys
Never lose your keys again. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
Mechanical messenger
A message-carrying clockwork spider. [HTML] [Markdown] [PDF]
D&D population by level
A little calculator to answer the question: how many 16th-level rogues are there in the world? If you make some dubious mathematical assumptions, that is.

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