this is part of as days pass by, by Stuart Langridge

These are a random selection of thoughts that I fancied noting down. They may be incomplete ideas or just observations. Think of them as something between external memory and the little book that Roald Dahl kept next to his bed. If you're wondering why there don't appear to be any musings on techie subjects, they're in a separate section.

Overselling or, Daddy, doesn't it get any more exciting than this?
Dudley Earthquake Appeal or, Many a true word spoken in jest
The art of the pun or, You know you love it really
Creating a brick or, Why can't you kill your grandfather?
Questions, Questions Answers or, Enormous minutiae
The Octobus or, You built a time machine? Out of a DeLorean?
Princes Street Gardens or, Looking at pretty things in a pretty city
Powerful culture or, This place is not a place of honour
Falling down or, Speedy responses, film at 11
Bus or, Failure in life
999 or, Press 1 if you're in some kind of trouble
Retail therapy or, When all about you are losing theirs
Dead Poets Society or, Movie moments in real life
Numbers or, Ordinal and cardinal
Trick or, Treat
Wizard's First Rule or, It must be true, a bloke in the pub told me
Real Life Stories or, Flashes of amusement in the daily grind
Signwriting or, Not making your mark
Ambulance chasers or, Sue everyone on a no-win, no fee basis
Weightless economy or, Do we need the manufacturing industry?
Javascript demos or, Last year's innovation is this year's simplicity
Majestic or, Your shoes cost a thousand dollars?