this is part of as days pass by, by Stuart Langridge

Consider these midway between rants and waving the flag of surrender. These are thoughts on techie things. If you're not interested in that area of human endeavour, but you are interested in other rants, try the main writings section.

An HP Deskjet 610, a scanner, and some network printing or, No, you need new hardware. And new drivers. No, you can't do that. No.
Floppy handling under Linux or, Do people still use floppies?
What the hell is Python? or, an article for Content People
Software patents or, Stamp out coders who don't work for massive conglomerates, by order
DNS for DHCPed machines on Smoothwall or, Address your machines by name without effort
Lame Flash games or, 0wning high-score tables, a kiddie's guide
Attention to detail or, Improving lives through code
Pingback or, The Pingback Specification
Recovery or, sweaty and unwarranted relief
EUCD or, unelected government
Semantic web or, X is related to Y and Y is related to Z
Whacking the web or, Technical competence wins through
The Perfect Worm or, What not to do when you find an exploit
Privacy in the UK or, Please let me keep a secret, Mr Prime Minister
Magic Pixie Dust or, Does the magic bullet of Open Source actually work?