this is part of as days pass by, by Stuart Langridge

Imagine that I'm a time traveller. I get a brick from somewhere (wherever, doesn't matter) and I give it to you (at time A, say). Then, I wait a few years (until time B). You throw the brick away, and I get it, then I go back in time, intercept myself (the A-time me) on the way in the first time with the brick, and go in instead -- so the A-time me never meets you, instead it's the B-time me, with the B-time brick. I then give the B-time brick to you instead, and the A-time me goes and puts the A-time brick back where I found it.

I've just created a brick, for all the time between A and B. It exists in a continuous loop of history with no connection to the A-time brick (which actually exists for all the time between A and B as well).

Can you do this? Is it inconsistent?

© sil, August 2002